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About us

At NOVELPOTTA Y&R, we are wired differently. A guy that prefers to watch movies with the sounds off, read only novels with missing pages  and  a girl whose first crush was a cartoon character, these are just a few of our traits. There is something common to all of us though; we live and breathe our brands. Our passion drives us to always exceed the conventional. When we handle a brand, we become the factory floor manager, the sales representative, the consumer, we become the brand. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure competition “dies a natural death”.

Our Story

Usual became boring, so, in June 2001, we decided to flip the script and NOVELPOTTA was born. In 2002, we established a relationship with Y&R (Young and Rubicam), a global advertising network, that saw us become NOVELPOTTA Y&R, a frontline advertising agency in Nigeria.

Only having the sky as limit and fuelled by our quest of new business sensations, in 2008 we officially plotted the NOVELPOTTA YR flag in Douala where we have been constantly living exciting and successful experiences with new brands in Cameroon and across Central & West Africa.

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Meet us
Accounts Director - COO

Passionate in real, there is nothing that surprises him in any field of the advertising Industry in a way that if multitasking was given an award, he surely would have deserved one. The mix of cold and hot coffee essences that results to the best cappuccino is what describes him the best.

He thinks that the success of a campaign lies on the smooth blend of an appropriate art direction, a gorgeous design, and a finest strategy…

Alex could be considered as the ultimate Y&R asset for the West African French speaking countries.

Listens Jazz & local oldies and admires the Enio Morricone’s genius as a film writer and producer.

Juliet Mbanda
Senior Account Executive

Juliet a child of the storms, She is a lover of adventures and weight lifting. Like a rolling stone on the hill she never stops In front of any challenge and would react like a cat on the rug during the rains.

Juliet believes every new campaign is a patient in an emergency ward and the survival of that patient is not only a personal achievement but a societal benefit, that’s why she feels very comfortable relating with others even in critical moments and is very passionate about new jobs.

She is passionate about antiquities like old makossa and instrumental music. Funny enough she is a short volley baller.

Susan Haddison
Admin & Finance

Having great use of her two ears more than joffi’s mouth, is what she believes in. Joffi enjoys every simple and straight forward thing in life. For joffi being happy is a state of mind, making people happy only makes her healthier. She doesn’t think people should settle for less than what they deserve, she always goes for the almost best.

Life has thrown her into so many challenges and so far writing and calculating figures are one of them, guess what! This only prepares Joffi for a more challenging and competitive environment.

Melvis Fon
Management Trainee

Melvis has psychic power, adventurous and loves swimming. She has a receptive nature and may bear burdens for others. She is pragmatic, thorough, strong-willed, practical and stubborn at times.

She is hard working. She has an eventful, exciting life. She is versatile and has the ability to learn easily. She has passion for justice, advertising and can carry any task in the advertising industry.

She has an inherent courage and endurance to accomplish "The Impossible Dream". With the power comes responsibility. She is philosophical and mature, determined and intense with a desire to endure, often religious.

Joseph NDZE

Led by the beauty of his imagination, Joseph is passionate about the innovative changes of the creative Industry that sprout off his DNA.

Joseph is smart, receptive, makes sense out of nothing, but in the gushing can absolutely switch to any exchange. Joseph urges out of every design a unique and futuristic flavor that enhances satisfaction from a well fed baby. God's word and contemporary music are closely linked to his person.

Malènde Epee

Graphic design is the job that fascinates me the most. With an artistic spirit, creativity is an asset to me.

I could therefore say Malènde Epee is passionate about arts in general, more so, his specialty is graphics design.

Malènde, commonly called Kerozene he savours HIP HOP, RAP, RNB music and enjoys playing basketball/ Football.