Press insertion on Comnew magazine. Edition No: 107 April 2015
Y&R EMEA South Africa hosted member Agencies from around the world amongst which; Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Reunion, London, U.S.A, for its annual creative and strategy meeting that took place from the 2nd-6th of February 2015 . The Young & Rubicam group seeks to bound & re-enforce the performances of its agencies all over the world through training sessions on newly developed marketing and advertising tools/ concepts. Notably for this year the OCTA Tool (O= Opportunity, C= Challenge, T= Truth & A= Answer) Was presented by Saul BETMEAD, Head Of Client Service Y&R Advertising New-York and Sarah Britten from LABSTORE South Africa presented the SHOPPER Marketing Concept. Novelpotta Y& R Cameroon is ready to propose these new concepts that will contribute to the brand capital of local Enterprises.